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Information For Parents

Your children are the most important people involved in the Contact Centre. We provide a warm, safe and welcoming environment, with play facilities for children and parents to share. If you would like to arrange a pre-visit or have any questions, please let us know via the contact us page.

A resident or non-resident parent or carer of a child or children may make a self-referral. This can be done by either completing the appropriate form below on-line, or you can download and print the appropriate self-referral form, complete it and return it by post, email attachment or fax.

If confidentiality of a parent is an issue we do not need to know your address but do need to know a means of contacting you i.e. a mobile telephone number which can be sent to us separately. We do not disclose any details to the other party.

You may also download our Information Leaflet showing a map of where we are and our complaints procedure should you feel the need to use this.

You can download our welcome leaflet here

You can download our complaints procedure here

You can download our whistle blowing policy here


Self Referring

Information Leaflet for parents

Online Referral Form for Non-Resident Parent

Online Referral Form for Resident Parent

Child Contact Centre - Parents